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Screengrab via Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

He wants to stick to the issues but will respond if he is attacked.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is defending his comments after he told a crowd in Philadelphia he didn’t believe that Hillary Clinton was qualified to be president.

Clinton already dismissed those claims with a laugh, but Seth Meyers gave Sanders the opportunity to address it after Clinton supporters tried to push back. While Sanders attempted to say that Clinton called him unqualified first, Meyers corrected him by pointing out that she only refused to say that he was qualified.

“After we won in Wisconsin—and that was our sixth victory in seven caucuses and primaries,” Sanders explained. “I think the Clinton campaign has been getting a little bit nervous and I think they’ve been getting more negative, and I hope very that we can have an issue-oriented campaign.”

They also muse on how much momentum Sanders’s campaign has gotten since the last time they sat down together and how unsurprising that is for Sanders while he took over Meyers’s “Ya Burnt” segment (appropriately retitled “Ya Bernt”). There, he shreds everything from weddings to bathrooms and his favorite punching bag.

That Batman v Superman diss had to be a no-brainer, though. Bruce Wayne is totally part of the 1 percent.

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