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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ star Leo gives weak apology after sexual harassment accusations

'I was a baseball playing, jock, frat boy idiot.'


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Posted on Sep 12, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 6:38 am CDT

Bachelor in Paradise star Leandro “Leo” Dottavio on Wednesday posted an Instagram photo with a caption addressing his dramatic exit from the show—as well as sexual harassment accusations from fellow Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez.

Dottavio started his Instagram post by attempting to clear the air around controversy involving Kendall Long and Chelsea Roy in his final appearances on Bachelor in Paradise. The entanglement culminated with Dottavio throwing a drink in the face of Joe Amabile in his final episode; the argument spilled over later into social media.

In his Instagram post, Dottavio emphasized that he had a “VERY SHORT amount of time to make an impression” on the show and said he was just trying to have fun and survive the experience, which made people upset, but it was just his way of trying to make “good tv.”

In the latter part of his Instagram caption, Dottavio referred to the Martinez’s allegations of his harassment against other women as “the Bekah saga.” In August, Martinez posted screenshots of messages allegedly from Dottavio to women that were sent to her by fans.

Despite the blaring evidence that he made women feel incredibly uncomfortable by sending an unwarranted picture of his genitals and vulgar messages, Dottavio seemed nonchalant about the whole situation.

Dottavio’s “apology” doesn’t seem too sorry about his past, excusing his behavior by saying he was just a “baseball playing, jock, frat boy idiot” (which is no excuse). He also says that his past actually contributed to his “growth as a human being.”

What do fans think about this apology? Well, many are just glad Dottavio’s not getting anymore air time on Bachelor in Paradise.



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*First Published: Sep 12, 2018, 11:56 pm CDT