‘Atlanta’ addresses police brutality with fake cereal commercial

atlanta fx

Screengrab via FX Networks/YouTube


Since debuting last month, FX’s Atlanta has made incarceration and the police a running thread, after Earn (Donald Glover) spends a night in a holding cell. On Tuesday night’s episode, a fake cereal commercial went even further. 

The commercial comes during a break on a PBS-style panel show called Montague, on which Earn’s cousin Paper Boi is a guest to speak about transphobia and homophobia. Then comes a commercial for Coconut Crunchos. 

In the clip, three kids and a police officer investigate a Coconut Crunchos thief—a wolf dressed like a mummy—in the style of a typical ’80s gimme-that-cereal bit. But then the officer pounces on the wolf, and the kids start filming. 

And Twitter was like: 

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