Antoni Porowski poses....contrapposto


Antoni from ‘Queer Eye’ just taught everyone the word ‘contrapposto’ with this underwear pic

It’s fun to learn!


Christine Friar


Antoni Porowski may be the food expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye reboot, but he taught a little language lesson Thursday in the caption of an Instagram pic.

It all started with some sponsored content. The hunky chef posted a picture of himself in some Hanes boxer-briefs, and was faced with the challenge of writing something underneath that might distract fans from his abs. Somehow, he succeeded.

“Whenever I happen to pose contrapposto, I partner w @Hanes and wear my Comfort Flex Fit Boxer Briefs,” he wrote.

While fans were quaking at the sight of their crush topless, they also seemed to, in unison, need to Google one specific word: contrapposto. It turns out it’s Italian for “counter-poised” or, in other words, “all of your weight is on one foot instead of the other.” Advanced!

Twitter loved it:

It’s fun to learn!

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