You thought you saw it all—now Netflix says there’s another ‘Bandersnatch’ ending


Who has another two hours to spare?

Just as the hype around Netflix’s choose-your-own-adventure film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has started to die down, the streaming service has suggestions for viewers who want more endings.

The official Netflix UK Twitter account tweeted on Tuesday, “think you’ve seen everything there is to see in Bandersnatch? try picking up the family photo, ~twice~.”

The tweet was referring to the moment where Stefan can choose between picking up his family photo or his book. This choice leads to different outcomes in the safe room. But apparently, there are also different outcomes from picking up the family photo once and picking it up again in another loop.

People were not pleased to hear they hadn’t seen it all. “Time to schedule in another 2 hours of Netflix it’s almost like.. they’re controlling us,” one person tweeted.

“I’m never going to finish watching this, am I?” another person asked.

One person put it simply: “This will go on forever.”

Others wanted to be spoiled because who has another few hours to spend watching the movie over again? “Does anyone know what happens? I haven’t got another spare 2 hours,” one person tweeted.

Some people took the suggestion and reported the ending is scary and unexpected. “Scared me SO much I didn’t see it coming at all,” someone said.

“Omg thanks for that. Now I’m terrified,” a viewer replied to Netflix, to which Netflix responded: “You don’t *have* to, it’s not like we’re controlling you.”

For those who don’t want to make their way through the movie again, I will spoil it for you (so stop reading now if you want to figure it out for yourself). In this ending, the author of Bandersnatch, Jerome F. Davies, appears and stabs Stefan. It’s jarring and a bit scary, much like a few of the other endings.

This new twist begs: Just how many more endings are there? Will it ever truly end?

Gabrielle Sorto

Gabrielle Sorto

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