YouTuber gives ‘All About That Bass’ an even more body-positive message

Meghan Trainor’s hit “All About That Bass” rocketed up the chart in the past few months under the guise of a body-positive message, but one YouTube performer took issue with that claim and created her own cover of the song that celebrates every body type.

Singer-songwriter Natty Valencia says the song may purport to be body-positive, but it actually shames women who don’t have the curves that Trainor extols in her song. Trainor sings about booty and having a little extra “to hold at night.” In one instance she calls others “skinny bitches” but counters with “I’m just playing.” Overall the song celebrates a fuller figure, something that’s rare in music, but Valencia set out to make a version that doesn’t favor any size over the other.

Valencia’s song definitely moves the lyrics to a more neutral place with phrases like, “Let’s make some room room for kindness in this place / ’Cause real beauty is something you cannot replace.” The lyrical substitutions may neuter the song from its hit status, but that’s not a big deal; there’s room for both versions of the tune in the musical landscape, just as there’s room for any and every body type.

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Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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