Adult Swim’s alt-right show ‘Million Dollar Extreme’ gets the boot

Only weeks after Brett Gelman “severed ties” with Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s late-night network, the controversial, alt-right show Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace was given the boot.

What makes Million Dollar Extreme different than the other sarcastic, quirky, and down right weird Adult Swim shows is the show’s creator, Sam Hyde. The infamous internet troll and devout alt-right member had no shame in alluding to ideals and messages of the movement, appealing to those identifying with white nationalism while simultaneously mocking more liberal audiences.

According to the Atlantic and BuzzFeed, many Adult Swim employees weren’t fans of the TV show and urged the network to get rid of the anti-comedy series before it had a chance of renewal for a second season. As of late, the network has been repeatedly under fire thanks to Adult Swim Executive Vice President Mike Lazzo and his noted misogynistic policies and sexist comments. 

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Dahlia Dandashi

Dahlia Dandashi

Dahlia Dandashi is a multimedia content producer. Her work has been published at the Austin American-Statesman and Viceland. An Arab-American raised in Dubai, she is based in Austin, Texas.