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Adult Swim creators and fans call out channel’s sexism, racism

Could this be the start of an exodus?


Audra Schroeder


Last month, Adult Swim was called out on its abysmal gender imbalance, causing executive VP Mike Lazzo to dig himself deeper with a comment about women not liking “conflict.” One former female employee was told women in the writers’ room might be a distraction.  

Now, there appears to be more fallout. Brett Gelman, who’s starred in three Adult Swim specials, has reportedly cut ties with the channel, citing its systemic misogyny.

Gelman also responded to criticism of Adult Swim’s new show Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace, which, according to BuzzFeed, was shaped by alt-right trolls. Over the weekend, director and Eric Andre Show editor Andrew DeYoung called out the show as well.

Tim Heidecker tweeted out his support for Gelman, but said he will continue to work with Adult Swim and push for more inclusion. 

Gelman told Splitsider: “I don’t begrudge anybody for continuing to work with them, especially my friends of color. But I do think it’s time, especially for the powerful white liberal men—and I am not powerful—but for us to do something. For white liberal men it’s easy, so take that easiness and fucking do something.” 

Adult Swim declined to comment at this time. We’ve reached out to Gelman for comment. 

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