Adele dances to Beyoncé in sweatpants just like the rest of us



Adele caught Beyoncé‘s Coachella performance this weekend via livestream, and she danced her heart out like the rest of us.

The 15-time Grammy winner took in Queen Bey’s headlining performance from the comfort of her couch, sporting a pair of sweatpants. But that didn’t stop her from full-on rocking out to the two-hour journey through Beyoncé’s iconic catalog.

In a series of Instagram videos Sunday, Adele shared her reactions to various songs as they came up. For one, she found a trumpet and danced along with the band. For another, she tightened up her baggy teeshirt so she could wiggle her butt. For a third, she swung her hair around in a full headbang.

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Beyoncé’s most recent LP Lemonade lost the Best Album Grammy to Adele in 2017. Adele famously thanked Beyoncé in her speech (and questioned the committee’s judgment in not choosing her), so these ‘grams are an extension of her show of support. Plus, ya know, Beyoncé’s got hits.


Christine Friar

Christine Friar

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