You can pick up an actual Emmy Award on Craigslist

22 million fewer Americans would have healthcare under Senate bill, CBO finds
The number of Americans without health insurance dropped just one million compared to the House version of the bill.

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Emmy Award

Start working on that acceptance speech.

Advertising agency Arnold Worldwide is moving out of their Boston headquarters and has some junk lying around. You know—office supplies, old furniture, iconic award statuettes, etc.

No, really, this is your chance to score an Emmy the same way TV’s best and brightest do: by shelling out cold, hard, dirty cash. (Just kidding, all you need is a persuasive argument.)  

Exactly what achievement does this trophy commemorate? Probably not Bryan Cranston’s chilling turn as Walter White on Breaking Bad. Most notably, Arnold took two Public & Community Service Emmys in 2006 for their “truth” anti-smoking campaign. They’ve also been known to win a regional Emmy here and there—not terribly glamorous, but still a thing!

So go ahead, stake your claim, and clear some room on the mantel for a conversation piece. Just don’t be surprised if those conversations end in confusion and disappointment.

H/T MediaPost | Photo by Hans Splinter/Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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