Mom calls cops on son who can’t get ready for school on time


If you’re the antithesis of a morning person, be thankful this Michigan woman’s not your mom. When she got tired of her son dragging his feet to get to school, she called the cops.

Crystal Towns called in law enforcement last week after warning her 13-year-old, Zachary Towns, that she’d get the school’s resource officer involved if he continued to be late to school. “I’ve had it, and you’re going to learn a lesson today,” she recalled telling him that morning to BuzzFeed News. A resource officer from Grand Blanc West Middle School responded and escorted her son to school.

Police Chief Ron Wiles told BuzzFeed the call was entirely appropriate, and he was “glad we were able to help this family when they needed it.”

With her three jobs, Towns doesn’t “have time for him to be screwing around in the morning,” Towns said. While some may call her response extreme, she considered her actions as putting a community “resource” to use and has no regrets. “I would do it again.”    

While her methods may seem intense, she said she’s already seen an improvement in her son’s behavior. When asked if he’d continue to be late, “He said, ‘No, Mom, it’s not going to happen again.’”

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Alyse Stanley

Alyse Stanley

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