Danny DeVito really digs the creepy bathroom shrine in his honor

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Some people might think it’s creepy to find that there’s a shrine dedicated to them hidden in the nether regions of a college campus. Danny DeVito, on the other hand, feels honored.

In a video that went viral on Twitter last week, a group of State University of New York at Purchase students revealed a shrine for the actor hidden behind a paper towel holder in an on-campus bathroom.

In a small crawlspace sits a tiny cardboard cut out of the man himself looking over a pile of treasures made up of trash, batteries, hygiene products, vape pens, notes, and empty cigarette packs.

A sign reads, “Leave an Offering for Our Lord and Savior, Danny DeVito, Patron Saint of Trash Men.”

“Trash Men” likely refers to DeVito’s character on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Frank Reynolds, who wrestles under that name.

“I totally thought people were joking or at least thought it wasn’t so hidden,” Purchase student and Twitter user Evan told the Daily Dot earlier this week.

But DeVito seems totally cool with the sentiment.

“Your shrine honors me. My heart is filled with love and garbage,” he wrote. “Tomorrow, as you may know, is my name day. Do something that makes you feel good. Above all be kind to each other. Pick up trash, recycle, and be aware of plastics in the ocean.” 

(Indeed, Nov. 17 has been declared Danny DeVito Day in New Jersey. It’s also the actor’s birthday.)

SUNY Purchase felt the love, too, and invited the actor to the school’s campus. 

“Thank you for this message that aligns with our efforts in sustainability,” the college’s official Twitter account replied. “We will be sure to spread the word about trash in the ocean as well as rum hams. You’re welcome at Purchase anytime.”

Will DeVito head to campus to visit his shrine or meet his fans? No confirmation yet. But we hope so!

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Elizabeth VanMetre

Elizabeth VanMetre

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