Owing much of its wealth and power to its dominant search engine, Google quickly expanded from a Web tool to a hardware and software maker. Today, Google maintains the Android mobile OS, Chrome Web browser, Chrome OS, YouTube, and a suite of Web apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, and the Google+ social network.

Former female Google employees share stories of racial discrimination
Their experiences contradict the Google anti-diversity memo's claims.
March on Google tries to distance itself from alt-right white supremacy
Rallies are scheduled at Google in nine U.S. cities on August 19.
Google CEO speaks out about women in tech in wake of anti-diversity memo
Google CEO Sundar Pichai talked with girls at a coding event this week.
Over 60 women are considering suing Google for workplace sexism
Salary discrimination is just the beginning.
Google employee fired for divisive ‘anti-diversity’ memo about women in tech
The software engineer says he will take legal action against Google.
A Google software engineer’s long rant on anti-diversity has the internet fuming
The 10-page memo is called ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.’
Rumor that Google Pixel 2 won’t have headphone jack sparks outrage
Google is expected to release the 'Pixel 2' this fall.
The internet’s worst feature may be coming to Google search
'I wish Google had autoplay video,' said no one ever.
Google is quietly testing out vacation rentals in its hotel search
When you search hotels in Europe, vacation rentals may also crop up now.
The biggest names in tech are spending record lobbying fees—here’s what they want
Silicon Valley shelled out more than $15 million lobbying the White House.
You can now take a tour of the International Space Station using Google Street View
Street View provides annotations containing information about space tech.
Google is redesigning itself so you can stop searching and start browsing
The feature is rolling out to iOS and Android users in the U.S. today.