Owing much of its wealth and power to its dominant search engine, Google quickly expanded from a Web tool to a hardware and software maker. Today, Google maintains the Android mobile OS, Chrome Web browser, Chrome OS, YouTube, and a suite of Web apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, and the Google+ social network.

Google reportedly gathering millions of Americans’ personal health records
'Project Nightingale' is gathering personal health information from 21 states.
Everything you need to know about Google Reverse Image Search
If you want a background check on a photo someone sent you, do a reverse image search on Google following these step-by-step instructions.
Google is buying Fitbit to dominate the wearable computing space
Google will buy the company in a $2.1 billion all-cash deal.
Google is training an AI to identify smells
Researchers want a neural network to classify smells based on their chemical structure.
Workers claim Google made spy tool to prevent them from organizing
The 'creepy' tool reports any employee who creates a calendar event that includes more than 100 workers or 10 rooms.
Are users prepared to pay for Gmail storage space?
Some are calling it a "hypocritical and cash-grabbing move.'
Everything Google announced at today’s Pixel event
Here's everything announced today during the 2019 Google Pixel event.
Everything you need to know about Google’s new Pixel phones
The new Pixel phone is here -- or rather, two new Pixel phones are here: the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.
All the games coming to Google Stadia
Google's highly-anticipated gaming service is being released soon.
Google just announced a line of Nest-branded smart home products
The Google Nest Mini is here, and so is a new Nest WiFi router.
Google rolls out improved Maps assistance for the visually impaired
A new feature, 'Detailed Voice Guidance' is aimed at improving the Google Maps experience for the visually impaired.
Google Stadia: Everything you need to know about Google’s upcoming gaming service
Google Stadia, a new cloud gaming service, drops this November. Here's everything you need to know.
Google used BET Awards, homeless communities to diversify facial recognition
A Google spokesperson says that this kind of data collection is common practice for the company.
Google’s Password Checkup aims to protect you against data breaches
Google plans to roll out the security tool to Chrome users.
Google releases deepfake dataset to help fight deepfakes
Tech companies are scrambling to aid in the development of deepfake-detection tools.
Google Maps may soon come with an Incognito Mode
The incognito mode will cease collecting data on searches, sharing your location, and tailoring suggestions based on search history.
DuckDuckGo promises to cooperate with government in Google probe
Google is also being investigated by a number of states.
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