Owing much of its wealth and power to its dominant search engine, Google quickly expanded from a Web tool to a hardware and software maker. Today, Google maintains the Android mobile OS, Chrome Web browser, Chrome OS, YouTube, and a suite of Web apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, and the Google+ social network.

Facebook reportedly hired PR firm to write critical articles about Apple, Google
A new report reveals Facebook's internal struggles.
Google apologizes for donating to candidate who joked about hangings
The tech giant said would not have contributed to her campaign had it known about the remarks.
Google’s internet traffic was hijacked and sent through Russia, China
One search engine argued the incident wasn't intentional.
Report: Google’s self-driving cars are coming to Phoenix next month
Waymo plans to roll these out gradually.
Google walkout organizers say company’s response not enough
Several core demands have not been addressed.
Google employees worldwide stage walkout protesting sexual misconduct
Google employees are taking matters into their own hands.
How a single line of code can disable Google’s Home Hub
Home assistant gets bricked... but Google says not so fast.
Google Maps will let you share your real-time location with friends
Send out a real-time blast when you're running late.
Google now lets you immediately access and delete your search history
Google search is much more transparent now.
How safe is private browsing?
It isn't an internet panacea.
Tech companies disclose ad spending, but it’s still a nightmare to track
Tech companies are disclosing information, but it's still a nightmare to get through.
Google+ to shut down following disclosure of security vulnerability
Google discovered the breach back in March but chose not to disclose it.
Google Maps update shows you where your train is while you wait
You can stop and start music in the app too.
DeepMind partners with gaming company for AI research
As it builds out its AI, Unity will develop virtual environments where it can learn.
How to use Google Maps’ group planning feature
If you can't decide where to head for brunch, vote on it.
Google now logs you into Chrome without asking
This is a questionable security practice.
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