Owing much of its wealth and power to its dominant search engine, Google quickly expanded from a Web tool to a hardware and software maker. Today, Google maintains the Android mobile OS, Chrome Web browser, Chrome OS, YouTube, and a suite of Web apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, and the Google+ social network.

Russia threatens YouTube for promoting election protest videos
Warns it will deem Google a "hostile influence"
Trump attacks Google, citing fired engineer who tried to fundraise for Richard Spencer
Kevin Cernekee wanted to do a fundraiser for white supremacist Richard Spencer.
Searching ‘lesbian’ on Google no longer shows porn first
A French social media campaign pushed the tech giant to action.
Google accused of discriminating against pregnant women
Employees are rallying around a woman speaking out through memes.
Google gave people $5 to scan their faces
The data is being used to improve a face unlock feature on the upcoming Pixel 4.
Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google for $50 million
Her campaign claims the tech giant tried to 'silence her.'
Google settled two multi-million dollar lawsuits this week
The company will pay out a combined $24 million for both class action suits.
Facebook and Google could be tracking you on porn sites
A scan of over 22,000 found that 93 percent contained trackers from major tech companies.
Google ‘terminates’ Dragonfly, its censored search engine for China
The company says it has no future plans to launch a search engine in China.
Apple is trolling Google with this billboard about privacy
'We’re in the business of staying out of yours. Privacy. That’s iPhone.'
Google employees won’t be allowed to speak out against YouTube during Pride
The announcement further sours the feelings of LGBTQ employees.
3 ways to secure your Nest cameras
Follow these tips to help keep hackers from accessing your Nest account.
New bill wants tech companies to tell you how much your data is worth
The bill is expected to be introduced today.
How to add footnotes in Google Docs
It's easier than you might think.
Google admits bug could let people spy on Nest cameras
The tech giant says it's fixed the issue.
New GOP bill would audit major tech companies for bias
The bill is already drawing criticism.
Here’s every game coming to Google Stadia at launch
The new generation of gaming is here, and it's carrying some heavyweights.
What is Google Nest Hub Max, and when can you buy it?
Here's everything you need to know.
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