Owing much of its wealth and power to its dominant search engine, Google quickly expanded from a Web tool to a hardware and software maker. Today, Google maintains the Android mobile OS, Chrome Web browser, Chrome OS, YouTube, and a suite of Web apps such as Gmail, Google Drive, and the Google+ social network.

Tech companies disclose ad spending, but it’s still a nightmare to track
Tech companies are disclosing information, but it's still a nightmare to get through.
Google+ to shut down following disclosure of security vulnerability
Google discovered the breach back in March but chose not to disclose it.
Google Maps update shows you where your train is while you wait
You can stop and start music in the app too.
DeepMind partners with gaming company for AI research
As it builds out its AI, Unity will develop virtual environments where it can learn.
How to use Google Maps’ group planning feature
If you can't decide where to head for brunch, vote on it.
Google now logs you into Chrome without asking
This is a questionable security practice.
Executive order draft from Trump would crack down on tech companies
The order could target companies like Facebook and Google.
Facebook is ending a key 2016 Trump campaign tactic
On-site support for campaigns will end following criticism from Congress.
Google’s search engine for China reportedly links searches with phone numbers
It will help the government pinpoint who searched what.
Leaked Google video adds fuel to censorship fire
The video will likely add fuel for arguments that the tech giant is biased against conservative voices.
Gmail’s Smart Reply blurs the line between people and brands
How auto responses like 'Thanks for letting me know!' changed us.
FCC’s Ajit Pai questions whether Google, Facebook, Twitter need more oversight
His blog post came the day before tech giants will testify before Congress.
Get millions of hits on your website with the ultimate Google Adwords guide
Build your brand with the magic of advertising.
Trump says Google search results are ‘rigged’ against him, conservatives
This isn't the first time Trump has blasted tech for similar things.
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