Illustration of mouths covered with tape and the meta logo floating over it

Meta launches crackdown on use of ‘Zionist’—potentially further silencing Palestinian voices

Meta noted the term didn’t have a consensus definition though.

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Hand holding phone with instagram app(l), Trans flag(r)

Instagram suspended Trans March organizer’s accounts over casting call—citing ‘human exploitation’

The account for San Francisco Trans March was also suspended.

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RFK Jr. fans flock to his new platform for reporting social media censorship

‘Only like is my wife’: RFK Jr. launches site for boomer Facebook fans to bemoan their posts getting no love

He and his fans think they’re being censored.

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Hand holding phone with instagram app(l), Meta text(r)

Instagram opted all users out of seeing political content—a day before the first presidential debate

Instagram also changed its ‘political content’ policy in February.

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Posts from @ sjpcolumbia saying their account is being surpressed

String of Palestinian college activists had Instagram accounts locked for supporting ‘dangerous’ people

2 of the groups affected are affiliated with Columbia University.

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Every social network besides TikTok failed GLAAD's social media safety test

Every major social media site flunked GLAAD’s LGBTQ safety test

A D+ was the highest grade.

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Mark Zuckerberg with a party hat and blower with abstract background

People are already selling replicas of Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday shirt

It’s only been one day.

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Hand holding phone that says meta over trans flag

‘Dehumanizing and disturbing’: GLAAD report reveals Meta’s ‘ongoing failure’ to enforce policies prohibiting transphobic content

‘These accounts profit from such hate, and so does Meta and its shareholders.’

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Right wing protesters(l), Down websites(r)

‘Practice run for November?’ Massive Facebook outage on Super Tuesday sparks claims of deep state sabotage

‘What a coincidence that Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are down on Super Tuesday.’

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Meta warns investors that Mark Zuckerberg's 'high-risk activities' could lead to his death

Meta warns investors Mark Zuckerberg could accidentally kill himself—notes ‘high-risk’ hobbies could have ‘adverse impact’ on the company

Meta notes its CEO’s martial arts habit may cause him serious harm.

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yann lecun

Meta’s chief AI scientist slammed for saying authors should give books away for free—while selling his on Amazon for $20

The hypocrisy was swiftly noted.

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facebook insta supressed palestine content, human right watch finds

Meta ‘effectively bans’ endorsement of Palestine, new report on ‘systemic’ suppression across Facebook, Instagram finds

Human Rights Watch found widespread removal of pro-Palestine content.

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Man Wearing Virtual Reality Goggles Inside A Metaverse Looking Upside

‘Llama 2 went on a rampage about political correctness’: Users say Meta’s AI is so ‘safe’ it won’t even call a woman beautiful

‘If I ask my model a question, I want an answer.’

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Facebook Messenger app opening on phone screen in front of blue Meta logo background

People are trolling Meta’s new AI-generated stickers—giving Elmo a knife and Waluigi a gun

‘I don’t think anyone involved has thought anything through.’

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mark zuckerberg with background of gavel on hundred dollar bills

Here are the biggest lawsuits Facebook is facing

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