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Capcom will release Mega Man 11 in 2018

Can't wait!

On Dec 4, 2017 by Tiffanie Drayton

proto man buster

The Proto Man Buster replica can be yours for a mega discount

Now all you need is a cool scarf.

On Jul 20, 2017 by Jaime Carrillo

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Review: Resident Evil 7 is the close-quarters fright fest that suspense junkies crave

Resident Evil 7 delivers survival horror scares both in and out of VR.

On Jan 23, 2017 by Miguel Concepcion

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6 classic Mega Man games are headed to your phone

Mega Man is about to make waiting in line so much easier.

On Dec 19, 2016 by Sarah Weber

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The next Marvel vs. Capcom game could soon be revealed

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fans might be getting a big present this holiday season.

On Nov 29, 2016 by AJ Moser

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Live rock concert will celebrate music of Capcom games like Mega Man and Resident Evil

The concert kicks off in March and heads to the U.S. in April.

On Feb 23, 2016 by Imad Khan

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Capcom announces story mode for Street Fighter V

Capcom has announced story mode in a new trailer.

On Jan 25, 2016 by Miguel Concepcion

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Capcom explains why it removed controversial butt slap from Street Fighter V

'We didn’t make any change because of external influences.'

On Dec 9, 2015 by Imad Khan

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This amazing life-size Mega Man helmet can be yours

The Buster Gun replica is also back in stock at ThinkGeek.

On Jul 9, 2015 by Dennis Scimeca

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Capcom opens itself to corporate takeover

The famed developer just opened up the real possibility of another company taking control of their most popular intellectual properties.

On Jun 18, 2014 by Jared Wynne