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This amazing life-size Mega Man helmet can be yours

The Buster Gun replica is also back in stock at ThinkGeek.


Dennis Scimeca

Internet Culture

Not all of the wonderful geek merch on display at Comic-Con this week is exclusive to the event. 

Such is the case with a life-sized replica of Mega Man’s helmet, the defining characteristic of one of gaming’s longest-running icons. Mega Man is right up there with Mario and Sonic as an old-school gaming legend, only Mega Man’s gear is a lot more cool. And now you can buy it.


Capcom broke the news about the helmet before Comic-Con, but the pre-orders at the Capcom store hadn’t opened up yet. Now they have. The Mega Man helmet will run you $150. You won’t get the centerpiece of your new Mega Man cosplay until this winter, however.

ThinkGeek also has the Mega Man Buster Gun replica in stock. That’ll run you $80.

Not a cheap pair of purchases in total, but once you have the helmet and the gun the rest of the costume is easy, right?

Illustration via Capcom

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