Holly Anderson took on her mostly misogynistic haters on Twitter after they criticized her football blog in a less-than-eloquent fashion.

On Wednesday, Sports Illustrated college football blogger Holly Anderson wrote a blog post about the Big East Conference’s recent decision to extend an invitation to the University of Memphis. Historically, and especially for the past decade, Memphis is a very good basketball school, but very bad at football.

Anderson’s post was written tongue-in-cheek, and it blasted the Big East, saying that at least from a football perspective, there were few schools less worthy than Memphis. In response, fans came out of the woodwork on Twitter to slam her, largely either ignoring that she was criticizing Memphis football specifically, or insulting her because she’s a female sportswriter.

Here is a sampling of Anderson’s epic takedowns of her haters’ grammar and logic. For reference, the blog post was labeled as football coverage, and Memphis has gone 5-31 in football the past three seasons. According to the database at, that gives them a ranking of 119 out of  120 teams in major college football in that span.

Photo by Steve Snodgrass

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