The hottest way to meet prison inmates on the Web


Thanks to, you can become pen pals with prison inmates—some of which are coming up for parole—across the United States.

Are you the type to lust after a lethal lady? A website may be just the hub to make an inmate your mate.

Thanks to, you can become pen pals with prison inmates across the United States. The Oregon-based operation—which caters to both male and female visitors—gives site users quick access to the mailing addresses of any number of inmate personalities, ages 18 to 65. (Site owner Arlen Bischke wrote on the FAQ that most prison inmates are not given access to email.)

The site is not explicitly designed to cater towards the romantically inclined, but certain on-site branding—the sultry female appearing behind a fence above the words “Lonely inmates in the USA seek personals” on the homepage—give the site an OKCupid feel, especially considering that many of the women list their romantic intentions in their biographies.

Take Crystal Clamenza, for example. She’s 28, Latin, confident. The Las Vegas inmate a “strong, captivating, fun intelligent princess who loves to be spoiled,” and she’s looking for someone who’s “motivated, driven, open minded, family oriented,” and prone to laughter.

The most important statistic to consider: your potential pal’s release date. That’s the day you’re going to see if there’s any heat when the bars of justice aren’t standing in the way.

It’s also a good way to figure out just how “So I Married an Axe Murderer” your lingering love could be. In Clamenza’s case, since she’s out in September 2013, it’s probably safe assume that there’s very little chance she’s a convicted murderer. meet-an-inmate doesn’t explicitly list the reason why these inmates are in the clink, though some, like Oregon inmate Sarah Anton, will mention their conviction in their biography.

“A high speed chase in a stolen truck landed me in prison, but I refuse to let this place define me,” Anton wrote. “I am still a very passionate, outgoing, and kind hearted girl who can, I’ll admit, be stubborn and feisty at times. I’m ready for a change of pace, and am looking for someone to tame my wild ways.”

Any takers? Fellas, she’s out in July—only two months left.

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