Made famous after tweeting his walk across America, Hobo Nick is now documenting his new life as a cabbie. 

Wherever he goes and whatever he does, hobo Nick Kleckner is committed to delivering his Twitter followers the truth.

He did it Internet-famously from his @hobo_nick account this summer as he traversed the expanse of the continental United States by foot. Now, nearly a month after that journey concluded, Kleckner—now a cabbie—is back to tweeting the uncovered angles of American life, dispensing taxi cab confessions from the wheel of his new job handle, @Nick_Taxi.

“Ok, driving [a] taxi is absolutely nuts!!” he wrote last week from the @hobo_nick account, just a few hours after announcing that he was working for a northern California cab company. “Crazy stories every night with drunken goons. Should I tweet about it? Or just keep this twitter for the next walk across America.”

It’s interesting, but some of you might see it as negative. Let me know what you think. I just made my twitter account for my walk across America and that’s all I have ever tweeted. So not sure if taxi tweets would be annoying or rad?”

Initial response to the tweet was overwhelming. Within a few hours, Kleckner had created a second Twitter account, the aforementioned @Nick_Taxi.

“Looks like I’m going to be tweeting about the real life of a hobo taxi driver,” he wrote. “This job gets crazy in the late night. Just be ready.

“And be prepared for pictures of some harsh realities. I’m not gonna hold back on showing what goes on in a cab when people get crazy #real.”

Here’s a detailed account of Nick Kleckner’s Twitter-infused taxi cab confessions, straight from the source.

Photo via Hobo Nick/Facebook

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