Not everybody likes the Internet trend of “milking”—you know, dumping milk on your head on camera—as much as the bros who are out doing it.

Not everybody likes the Internet trend of “milking” as much as the bros who are out doing it.

According to Reuters, there’s a group of Austrian farmers who have taken major offense to the online craze originating out of Newcastle, England, which involves nothing more than filming yourself while you take a carton of milk and pour it over your head. 

The group, known as the AMA farm lobby, recently launched its own “true milking” campaign in an effort to chastise the souls who waste such a valuable commodity. 

“At a time when too much food already lands in the trash, it is worth questioning dumping milk,” AMA milk-marketing manager Peter Hamedinger told Reuters Wednesday. “This is a valuable product of nature that our farmers provide daily with lots of love and labor.”

To counter, the group released a YouTube on Wednesday called “True Milking (the new Planking … ;-))),” in which a YouTuber named Cayenne Wien lifts a carton of milk above his head and drinks the entire liter—without wasting a drop. 

“With good milk you do it in a different way!” a message under the YouTube video reads. “This is how milking works, if the milk is just perfect.”

No word yet on whether Tom Morris and his fellow milk-bath connoisseurs in Newcastle plan to file a counter-argument. Maybe they’ll just switch over to soy milk. 

Photo via MilkingNewcastle/YouTube

Is “milking” the new “planking”?
College students in Newcastle, U.K., have taken to pouring gallons of milk over their heads for laughs, and the Internet is lapping it up.
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