Finally, punishment for those social networking faux pas.

If you’re one of the billion people on Facebook, chances are that your news feed is littered with asinine and boring posts from your hundreds of friends.

Whether it be an old college acquaintance incessantly updating about their vacation (stop it, no one cares that you’re in Orlando) or a married couple bragging about their newborn (your baby looks weird), it seems like half of what appears on your Facebook homepage is nothing but garbage.

But that’s all about to change.

Thanks to new Facebook application Defriendtion you now have the option of virtually wagging your finger at any friend who violates acceptable social network decorum, much like you would with a dog that constantly rummages through the kitchen garbage.

The folks at Defriendtion have helpfully created an informative video that details what their app is all about.

Upon downloading the app, you’ll be able to fill out a form that closely resembles a detention slip. Users can cite the offense, the reason you find it offensive, evidence of the social network transgression, and the length of the punishment. Defriendtion will then post on your friend’s wall explaining what they did wrong on your behalf.

Photo via Fidel Martinez/Facebook

Because nothing corrects undesirable behavior like condescending chastisement, especially when it’s public.

Photo via Chris Heller/YouTube

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