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Patrick Stewart wants to become a U.S. citizen to fight Trump

He wants to do his part.


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Posted on Mar 3, 2017   Updated on May 24, 2021, 9:53 pm CDT

Patrick Stewart already has many accolades (and a knighthood) to his name, but he’s looking to soon add another title: U.S. citizen. And he has a very direct reason to do so.

Appearing on The View, he discussed the story behind a recent tweet of his. He and his wife Sunny Ozell went to Washington to visit some friends, but he found himself unable to sleep and couldn’t figure out why until he opened the curtains in the morning and saw the White House.

Part of the reason behind the dinners with friends—whom Stewart described as insiders—was to see what he could do in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidency. As a non-U.S. citizen Stewart’s political actions are limited, so after decades of working in the U.S. he’s making a change. (Although, he argues, there’s plenty of problems occurring in the U.K. too.)

“I’m not a citizen, however, maybe it’s the only good thing: As a result of this election, I am now applying for citizenship,” Stewart said. “Because I want to be an American too. All of my friends in Washington said there is one thing you can do: fight, fight, oppose, oppose. But I can’t do it because I’m not a citizen.”

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*First Published: Mar 3, 2017, 12:38 pm CST