Workplace leaves LifeSaver mints as ‘snacks’ for workers, asks workers to ration them


‘Please be considerate of your co-workers’: Workplace leaves LifeSaver mints as ‘snacks’ for workers, asks workers to ration them

‘Are the snacks in the room with us?’


Beau Paul


Posted on Sep 26, 2023

Apparently, some businesses don’t realize that consideration is a two-way street. A worker went viral on TikTok after she exposed her employer for handing out paltry snacks as a “perk” of working.

Earlier this week, Kinsley (@simplykinsley) posted a video of her unidentified company’s break room. In it, there was a sign that warned employees to ration the snacks that were left for them. 

The sign read: “Hey y’all, these snacks are for the ENTIRE team! Please be considerate of your co-workers! DO NOT TAKE A BUNCH OF SNACKS HOME!” 

@simplykinsley mint anyone? #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Kinsley

While this seemed like a reasonable request, Kinsley provided a dramatic counterpoint when she moved her camera over to a shelf next to the sign. The only “snack” visible is a half-filled container of individually wrapped Lifesavers mints. 

“These are the snacks,” Kinsley said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kinsley via TikTok comment. As of Tuesday morning, her video had over 636,700 views. 

A number of commenters expressed shock that Kinsley’s company cared so much about the mints. They even joked that mints don’t qualify as snacks.

“Too generous,” one person wrote.

“Are the snacks in the room with us?” another quipped.

“I leave the snacks but take the jar,” a third viewer said.

“This would have made me mad,” a fourth viewer added. “I [would’ve] stolen the whole container.”

A few viewers suggested that there might have been better snacks there previously. 

“You already know someone took the good snacks home,” one person wrote. 

“Or unless they took the snacks back home,” another viewer echoed. 

Meanwhile, other workers shared stories about snacks—or other so-called perks—they’ve received while on the job.

“My store either had this or tons of snacks,” one worker said. “There was no in-between.”

“You must work here with me,” a second viewer said. “Every time we bring in stuff, people start packing things up to take home.”

But it seemed like Kinsley wasn’t mad at her workplace, just pointing out the sign’s irony in jest. She cheekily added in the comments, “If you see this and you work with me I’m playing.”

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*First Published: Sep 26, 2023, 7:19 am CDT