The first 5 boards the White House should follow on Pinterest

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The White House has officially joined Pinterest. To help the Obamas get started, we’ve picked 5 boards they should follow immediately.

Commence the Pinterest-in-Chief jokes. The White House has officially joined Pinterest.

Excited to share the first family’s healthy recipes and decorating ideas, the White House announced Friday it will start pinning next week. The soon-to-launch boards will be filled with “inspiring images and quotes to infographics that help explain key issues to details about life inside the White House.”

The first so-called inspiring images was a drawing of Bo, the family’s dog, galloping in the snow. The first pin announces the White House’s Pinterest “Holiday Social” next Monday. Already sensing that Pinterest might not be the best place to talk fiscal cliff, the White House is instead inviting pinners to meet people who decorate the White House for holidays.

And, get excited, there will be a joint craft project during the Holiday Social. It’s not known what we’re building, but we wouldn’t be upset if Michelle taught us how to assemble an under-the-table hammock or how to successfully sneak liquor onto a cruise ship.

The White House’s Pinterest board should not be confused with President Obama’s Pinterest account, which his reelection campaign used to garner votes from the site’s artful members. The White House also maintains social media presences on Flickr, Facebook, and sort of Myspace. Michelle also has a Pinterest account, but she’s tapered off in pinning recently.

Anyway, the White House is only following two accounts: the U.S Army’s and the National Guard. So, we’ve compiled a list of other boards the White House might interested in following.

1) “Bo Obama” 

Several totally normal fans have started boards dedicated to the first dog.

2) “FLOTUS Fashion”

Proving that Michelle can rock a fishtail braid while the rest of us can’t.

3) “Drones”

Might be worth a follow, but the president already knows a lot about how they work.

4) “CBS Sports”

Because President Obama is starting to realize SportsCenter is unbearable, so he needs his sports info from an alternate source. 

5) “Oprah”

When the going gets tough for White House staffers, remember she’s there for you.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting the announcement that President Obama has joined Snapchat.

Photo via White House/Pinterest

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