Walter White in Breaking Bad

The chemistry behind Walter White memes

Walter White memes illustrate the unique blend of humor and darkness that the TV show embodied.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Nov 28, 2023

Breaking Bad, widely acclaimed for its intense plotline and complex characters, has given rise to a proliferation of Walter White memes. Over the course of five seasons, the mild-mannered chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, undergoes a dramatic transformation, and this captivating journey has fueled a rich tapestry of internet memes. 

Walter White memes range from humorous takes on iconic scenes to creative reinterpretations of Walter’s most pivotal moments. Despite his terrifying descent into villainy, the internet has found a way to turn Walter White’s vilest actions into brilliant pieces of comedy, offering a unique lens through which fans of the show can revisit and chuckle (perhaps nervously) at its most memorable moments.

Walter White cooking

One of the most popular memes from the show features Walter White cooking meth. The scene originates from a 2010 episode, and the meme format achieved virality in October 2021 when Reddit users began adapting it to various contexts, from Netflix binging to humorous everyday scenarios. These adaptations spread quickly across Instagram, iFunny, and other social media platforms.

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Walt’s car scream

Walt screaming in a car is a hilarious take on a serious Breaking Bad scene that gained traction in February 2021. It started when a 4chan user posted a screenshot of Walter White trying to warn his brother-in-law about men coming to kill him. Bu the user parodied the dialogue to make it seem as though Walter was yelling about sweet and sour sauce. This amusing meme format spread across iFunny and other social media platforms, with Walt warning Hank of increasingly absurd things.

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Walter White’s breakdown

A GIF of Walter White breaking down, originally from a 2013 episode, became popular as a captioned sh*tpost on iFunny. Since the meme’s 2017 surge, it has maintained its relevance online, particularly on Twitter and Instagram where it is often used to express exaggerated despair in various situations.

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‘Jesse, what the f*ck are you talking about?’

Another meme format involves imagined conversations between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, often with Jesse using modern internet slang and Walter looking utterly confused. This meme highlights generational gaps and the ever-evolving language of the internet, making it a hit across platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

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Walter White’s death

The scene of Walter White’s death in the series finale became a template for exploitable memes in August 2022, when creators began replacing Walter with other characters in similar death poses, accompanied by the Badfinger song, “Baby Blue.” The meme format quickly spread across YouTube and TikTok, with users replacing Walter with various other fictional characters.

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‘I am the one who knocks’

Walter White’s assertive declaration, “I am the one who knocks,” became a powerful meme after its debut in a 2011 episode, with the monologue being recreated by celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson and Gilbert Gottfried. Remixes of the line have proliferated on SoundCloud and other platforms, underlining its impact beyond the show.

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Walter White memes illustrate the unique blend of humor and darkness that the TV show embodied. These memes serve as a testament to the character’s complexity and the show’s cultural impact, with fans turning its most intense moments into sources of humor and creativity.

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*First Published: Nov 28, 2023, 1:25 pm CST