Walmart customer says store is a ‘low vibrational’ place because of ‘thought pollution.’

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‘When you leave your frequency’s been brought down’: Walmart customer says store is a ‘low vibrational’ place because of ‘thought pollution.’ Here’s what he means

‘it also makes my back hurt.’


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If you find yourself mentally drained after a visit to your local Walmart, you probably aren’t alone. Shopping in a megastore can make even enthusiastic extroverts feel exhausted before they even reach the checkout line. And there may actually be a scientific explanation for why.

According to TikTok user and occasional Walmart customer @Jonastsy, “Staying out of Walmart will make your mental health the strongest it’s ever been in its life.” Jonasty explained last year his Walmart Theory of Mental Health in a 3-minute TikTok video where he explains that the megastore is a “low vibrational place” that makes you depressed.

He went on to recount how he always leaves the store depressed and suggested that the company needs to “sage,” referring to the cleansing ritual of burning herbs practiced by some indigenous American peoples.

“There’s a lot of bad vibration … low vibration in Walmart,” he stated.

Fellow TikToker Malik Ali concurs with Jonasty. In his own recent video, Ali states that Walmart is a source of “thought pollution,” a negative cycle of overthinking that can erode a person’s inner peace. While Ali gives some positive examples of groupthink or group energy he claims that shoppers in Walmarts can contribute a negative kind of groupthink that contributes to thought pollution.

Ali’s video has received 43,200 views in the week it’s been live.

“Your frequency has been brought down,” Ali states, explaining why customers find themselves leaving the store in a negative mental state.

While these theories may seem a bit esoteric, there is some science supporting the idea of vibrational energy.

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According to, some experts in the field of energy medicine believe that the body produces “nanovibrations” that affect a person’s environment. Through these vibrations positive or negative thoughts “could ripple outward, affecting our mental state and physical health.”

So if you do find yourself feeling agitated and frustrated after running an errand to your local megastore, don’t worry too much. As Ali states toward the end of his video, “It’s not you. It’s not personal.”

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