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‘I’ve recently stopped asking people’: Viewers divided over man who says he no longer Venmo requests after paying for friends

‘Don’t worry about it, get me next time’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Sep 14, 2023

A man on TikTok went viral by sparking debate about the correct Venmo etiquette to have with your peers. 

By Thursday afternoon, Squid (@squidpakter) has reached over 2.2 million views on his TikTok video. 

In the video Squid says he recently stopped asking people to Venmo him back for drinks or small purchases, because it just seems unnecessary. 

“I get it if you’re in college or whatever,” he quickly adds. 

Then, he explains that his friend offered to pick him up some tacos for dinner and he had been too busy to get his own dinner. When his friend comes home with the tacos, he asks his friend how much he owes him. 


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Squid says his friend responds saying, “Don’t worry about it, get me next time.”

“How easy? How great is that, right?” he asks in the video. “I don’t have to worry about Venmoing him right now, and I will get him back next time,” he emphasizes. 

Squid says this is an easy way for money to make its way around. “Next time you’re out at the bar, go buy your friend a drink, bring it back, and they’re gonna hopefully ask how much do I owe you,” he says. 

He says this is your opportunity to say, “don’t worry about it, get me back next time.” Most of the time, Squid says they will probably end up buying you something back again.

“And if they don’t, no worries, you lose 10 bucks, and now you know that your friend is a scumbag and not to buy them something ever again,” he jokes. 

Some viewers in the comment section agree with this Venmo tactic and don’t understand why this isn’t common knowledge. 

“Never understood why people make this so complicated,” one comment says.

Another says, “Yup, me and my best friend have a $40 rotation, every time we go out we just switch who pays.” 

“True friendships don’t keep tabs, love this,” a comment with over 21,000 likes says. 

However, other viewers don’t agree with this approach. One says, “Nah, our tabs are constantly over $100 and I always get small things, instant Venmo, I don’t care who it is.” 

Another says, “This can work great but personally I don’t wanna be in debt with my friends and I’m gonna forget too, I would rather pay right away.”

“I do this and no one ever gets me back,” one admits. 

Other Venmo debates have made their way into recent Daily Dot headlines. One woman complained that her roommate Venmo requested her $2.50 for a cookie she made using her ingredients, and another informative video of a customer showing how to split the bill evenly on Venmo

The Daily Dot reached out to Squid via TikTok direct message. 

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*First Published: Sep 14, 2023, 3:21 pm CDT