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‘84 minutes away. He’s walking 4.5 miles’: Uber Eats customers order Wingstop, but it’s getting delivered on foot. They can’t cancel without getting fined

‘I hoped you tipped him $20.’


Tangie Mitchell


Posted on Jan 31, 2024   Updated on Jan 31, 2024, 7:55 am CST

A couple has gone viral after sharing a TikTok of them waiting for their Uber Eats delivery that was coming on foot and was 85 minutes away.

Content creator Taylor (@mannatee00) shared the TikTok, which had over 2 million views as of Tuesday, of her and a male companion waiting for their delivery while on the phone with Uber Eats. 

“We are currently on the phone with Uber Eats right now,” Taylor says, showing the Uber Eats tracking map on her phone, which shows that their delivery is 84 minutes away. 

“Just look at this: We have a guy walking 84 minutes away, walking 4.5 from Wingstop,” the man in the video says. 

To make things worse, the couple says Uber Eats told them they would be charged a cancellation fee if they canceled the order.

“And [Uber Eats] is trying to tell them they’re going to fine me if I cancel the order. I have the choice to let the guy walk—I ordered food an hour ago, by the way. I have the choice to let the guy walk 85 minutes, or I get fined. This is crazy,” the man rants.

“Why are they letting him walk an hour and a half?” Taylor asks.

The video ends with what sounds like a representative from Uber Eats saying over the phone, “If you go ahead and cancel the order, you will be charged.”

Taylor’s caption reads, “So apparently, Uber walking is a thing.”


So apparently, Uber walking is a thing #superbowl #playoff #ubereats #wingstop #hungry

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Given the popularity of the first video, the pair provided an update that they were eventually able to cancel the order without being charged.

“Long story short, our man Bruce, we couldn’t let him walk 85 minutes to bring us food,” Taylor says.

“And Bruce got himself 20 wings and some sweet baby corn, and we got her money back,” the man adds. “All is good in the world.”

The couple says they would’ve gone to pick Bruce up but were “deleting some beers,” so they decided not to.

In the comments of the first video, some viewers were perplexed about how Uber Eats even allowed the couple’s situation.

“Why would uber even allow this, the food is gonna arrive cold af,” one viewer wrote.

“He’s using a car he just has is in the app that he’s walking so he doesn’t have to show proof of insurance and get an increased insurance,” a second viewer theorized. 

This might be a plausible argument: According to Uber’s website, drivers must “maintain personal automobile insurance at mandatory minimum limits and provide proof of your insurance to drive and deliver with a vehicle with Uber.” 

Ride-share insurance is a popular option for people who drive for ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. According to Forbes, the coverage offered by Lyft and Uber alone is “woefully inadequate” for the risks drivers face and could lead to them having to cover damages and repair costs out of pocket. 

According to Progressive, adding ride-sharing insurance to a personal insurance policy will cause an increase in monthly costs, however small or large. 

Some people shared their own interesting delivery app stories in the comments section.

“I had someone on a BIKE have to take a FERRY across the San Diego Bay to deliver food, only to get hit by a CAR,” a third viewer wrote.

Others showed concern for the Uber “walker,” Bruce.

“I hope you tipped him $20,” came one viewer’s response.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Taylor via TikTok message and Uber Eats via email for more information.

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*First Published: Jan 31, 2024, 2:00 am CST