TJ Maxx worker speaking with pamphlet with caption 'POV: Your manager is on you about the TJMAXX credit cards' (l) TJ MAXX building with sign (c) TJ Maxx worker speaking with pamphlet with caption 'POV: Your manager is on you about the TJMAXX credit cards' (r)

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‘I don’t wanna ask you either but I’m forced’: TJ Maxx worker calls out manager pushing the store’s credit cards

‘They told me to ask 4 times during checkout.’


Rachel Kiley


Shopping at a franchise frequently means being greeted with a variation on a familiar question at checkout: “Would you like to apply for a store card today?” It’s tiresome phrase to hear as a customer, but it can be even more annoying for the people on the other side of the counter, asking it over and over again. Now, a recent TikTok from a TJ Maxx employee has retail workers venting about just how hard they’re pushed to get credit card signups.

TikToker Domminique (@trashhlie) posted a POV skit using a popular TikTok audio of two people arguing. The creator plays the role of a TJ Maxx worker being bothered by their manager to get a customer to apply for a TJX Rewards Card.

“He doesn’t want to,” the TikToker lip syncs along to the male voice.

“Dude, f*cking tell him,” comes the response. “Tell him again!”

“He f*cking said no.”

“Well make him say yes!”

As simple as the TJ Maxx employee’s complaint is, it clearly resonated with retail employees who have found themselves being pressured by supervisors to push store-related credit cards on customers making purchases.

Domminique’s video isn’t the first time that particular audio has been used in this way. Workers from Target, Walmart, Champs Sports, and other stores have made good use of it in the past several years as well.

The comments on Domminique’s video are filled with retail employees commiserating.

“They told me to ask 4 times during checkout,” wrote one user. “I did not.”

“I’ve had a customer tell me it gets annoying that we ask them all the time.. like miss I don’t wanna ask you either but I’m forced,” another added.

One viewer claimed that her retail job pressured her into signing up for a card herself on a day when she didn’t meet her quota, while another alleged that they were fired for not getting enough signups.

A customer also brought up the fact that they know a number of these stores have credit card sign-up quotas they have to meet within a certain time frame. “I always feel bad bc I know [y’all] have quotas and management makes you ask three times,” they sympathized, before adding, “but I don’t [want] a business card IM SORRY.”

One person added, “The fact that corporations force retail workers to pressure customers for CC is so unethical,” saying that it was the reason she quit working at Burlington.

Store-related credit cards often come with minor perks, such as 10% off your first purchase and points of some sort when you spend money at that store. But they also have some of the highest interest rates, with the TJX Rewards card currently boasting an APR of 31.74%.

“These managers are crazy,” wrote one user. “You think I’m going into debt for tjmax?”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Domminique via TikTok message.

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