Fan mixed up Taylor Swift dates

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‘That would be a friendship ender for me’: Taylor Swift fan mixes up concert dates. Now she has to tell her friends their tickets were for yesterday

‘Definitely wouldn’t be my friend anymore.’


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One woman mixed up the date for a Taylor Swift concert and it may have cost her a friendship.

In a viral video with more than 2.5 million views as of Monday, user Nelly (@Teenagedirtbagpickup) muses over how to break it to her friend that their concert tickets were for the day before and they missed the show.

@teenagedirtbagpickup Biggest fuckup of my life @Taylor Swift ♬ original sound – Nelly the pickup truck

“How do I tell them that the Taylor Swift tix were actually for the day before,” a text overlay on a video of the pair singing to Taylor Swift reads.

Nelly then shows viewers a shot of her phone screen which shows the “Taylor Swift The Eras Tour” concert was for July 28 and then pulls up her calendar showing the current date is July 29.

In the comments section, many contemplated what would happen to their own friendships if they were faced with a similar scenario.

“That would be a friendship ender for me,” user Nic said.

“Definitely wouldn’t be my friend anymore,” another user wrote.

In a follow-up video, Nelly caught her friend’s reaction to the news. The TikToker captured her friend coming to terms with not attending the concert.

“The 5 stages of grief of accidentally mixing up the dates for the eras tour,” a voice-over reads.

First, her friend screams in the background, expressing her anger.

“You’re the worst!” you can hear her yell.

Then, they drove to the venue to confirm that the concert was in fact the day before, to confront her denial. When the depression finally sets in, the crying ensued and then the pair silently drove home. By the end of the video, Nelly finally accepted that she wouldn’t see Swift and washed down the bitter truth with a swig of Stella Rosa Moscato right out of the bottle.

Commenters still couldn’t wrap their minds around the fact that the pair missed the concert.


“How did no one else have the date saved in their phone?” another user asked. “Or even just memorized… Can’t even blame her, the whole group is oblivious at that point.”

Many “Swifties” have gone viral for the content related to attending the singer’s concert. Weeks ago, some condemned a mom who wanted to take her daughter to the Eras Tour, despite having a dangerous bacterial infection. Another fan went viral after realizing her concert tickets were stolen from Ticket Master after arriving at the venue.

The Daily Dot reached out to Nelly via TikTok comment.

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