Target worker asks for more hours because she's low on money

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‘They’ve been cutting our hours too’: Target worker asks for more hours because she’s low on money. They cut it to 15

‘So my Target isn’t the only one cutting hours right now?’


Allyson Waller


A Target worker is spotlighting a common frustration among hourly wage workers—not getting assigned enough hours to make the money you desire.

In a TikTok video posted, creator Kaitlin Sondae (@kaitlinsondae) expressed her disappointment at only being assigned 15 hours of work in one week. The video has more than 9,000 views as of Friday.

@kaitlinsondae Thank youuu🙃 #youdontknowhownicethatis #thankyou #targetemployee #targetworker ♬ you dont know how nice that is Taylors Version – Vinoj

In the video, Sondae lip-syncs the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again,” sarcastically mouthing the lyrics “you don’t know how nice that is.”

The overlay text on the video reads, “When I tell them I’m stressed because I need money and they give me 15 hours a week.”

In 2022, Target announced it would be setting its starting wage range to $15 to $24 an hour.

“The exact starting wage within the range will depend on the job and the local market, with market-level wages set by the retailer based on industry benchmarking, local wage data and more,” the retailer said in a press release.

Some workers have reported that even though the retailer has raised its minimum wage, they’re not seeing much difference in pay because the number of hours they’re being assigned has fallen, according to CNN.

The Daily Dot reached out to Target via email and Sondae via Instagram direct message for comment.

Commenters on Sondae’s post seemed to relate to her experience.

“So my target isn’t the only one cutting hours right now?” one person commented.

“My target is the same way i asked for 40 hours they gave me 32,” another person said.

“If this doesn’t scream target idk what does,” someone remarked.

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