Target customer claps back at woman who accused him of starting fight over Valentine’s Day Stanley cup

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‘My man came with RECEIPTS’: Target customer claps back at woman who accused him of starting fight over Valentine’s Day Stanley cup

'Why are you fighting for a cup?'


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Posted on Jan 12, 2024   Updated on Jan 12, 2024, 3:05 pm CST

Even more drama is unfolding in the wake of Target’s release of the limited-edition Valentine’s Day Stanley cups. This time, a man’s response to a woman’s attempt at shaming him for being an alleged line cutter went viral after he tried to snag an exclusive Stanley cup.

The woman in question, Mary Kirk, who now has her TikTok account set to private, apparently accused TikTok user @user387748545 of pushing her in an attempt to be the first one to enter the store and buy the viral cup.

What she probably didn’t consider is that the man would have his own version of what happened, which he shared in a viral clip that has accrued over 67,000 views as of Friday.

In a previous viral video documenting the incident, which the Daily Dot covered earlier this month, an altercation occurs at the entrance of a Target where folks are waiting to purchase the limited edition Target Valentine’s Day Stanley cup.

In that clip, it seems that the root of the kerfuffle began when a man attempted to cut in front of the line, and the folks that he tried to bump weren’t very happy with his decision to do so.

“This dude tried to cut the line for the Starbucks x. Target Stanley Cup we were not having it!” the overlay text read.

However, the man in question decided to clap back at her and everyone who was vilifying him on the internet, giving his own version of events in a TikTok.

He says that when he first arrived at the Target before it opened, a line hadn’t formed: there was a group of women who were talking among themselves. From the way he tells the story, he describes the woman who accosted him about the line situation as domineering. He says that despite the fact she wasn’t a Target team member, she attempted to gather everyone into a line and decided who gets which place in the line. When she asked him if he was part of a group of people who came to Target early to try and purchase the cup he says he simply told her, “No.”

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She must’ve not liked that response, as the TikToker says that she turned to the person she was with and told them that she was going to “deck” the TikToker if he tried to go inside first. He says that because he didn’t want to get hit or slapped with an “assault charge” if he was forced to defend himself, he changed where he was standing in line.

He took a picture of where he was standing and said that he didn’t speak to anyone else until 7:45am, and it’s around this time he says Kirk backed herself up into him, claiming he “pushed her.” He provides another photograph, which shows the back of Kirk’s head, suggesting that she purposely walked into him.

“You can check the Target security video whatever you want, I did not push her, like I said, I’m not catching a charge for assault over a Stanley cup,” he says, holding up the cup to show to the camera. According to the man, he only decided to get into it with Kirk after she decided to get all up in his grill.

“So her pushing herself into me really irritated me, so I go and I play her game and I stand in front of her. Her husband or the man whoever he is he goes, ‘don’t touch her there’s gonna be problems,'” the TikToker recounts. “So I start getting upset saying, ‘She’s touching me she touched me first.'”

He continued to talk about the disagreement that erupted as a result of the woman’s decision to get up in his space. After arguing back and forth, with Kirk telling him to get in the line, a Target manager shows up to break up the dispute

“Props to them for diffusing the situation so quickly because who knows what she was gonna do next,” the TikToker said. He explained how he told the manager that he came “after the blonde” lady, and the manager started giving out numbered tickets so folks could purchase the cup.

“I got in line…12th in line,” he said. “There was 38 cups we all got our cups, if you would’ve come to me and said nicely, ‘Hey we’re starting a line and you know we saw you here can you get in line behind her,’ Sure…I would’ve went along with it. I didn’t want to start a fight it’s six in the morning over a cup.”

Viewers couldn’t help but shake their heads at the situation and cracked several jokes about it in the comments section.

“I’m convinced yall buying these Stanley cups are part of a cult,” one wrote.

Another remarked on the violence that tends to erupt from consumers surrounding trending products, like this one individual who wrote, “Cabbage patch doll worth fighting for furby worth fight for Stanley cup.”

Someone else commented on what they seemed to think was a type of psychosis surrounding people’s obsession over a cup.

“None of this is worth a Stanley cup,” one wrote. “Not waiting outside for hours in the cold, not cutting in line, not arguing with a bunch of women, & not even holding a press conference to clear your name.”

One viewer said that upon seeing the video they believe that the Stanley brand is now associated with “trashy” behavior and that they don’t want to be a party to that.

“And with that, I’m absolutely done collecting,” they said. “Stanley is giving me major vibes now, I don’t want to be associated with this type of behavior.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Target via email and @user387748545 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jan 12, 2024, 7:00 pm CST