Ex-Target worker reveals the store’s little-known return policy

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‘I got back like $1,400’: Ex-Target worker reveals the store’s little-known return policy

'So I can return even without the tag?'


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Posted on Feb 2, 2024   Updated on Feb 14, 2024, 1:18 pm CST

In today’s retail jungle, a shopper armed with inside knowledge is king—or, in this case, queen? Enter Kaitlyn (@reddnea), a former Target employee turned TikTok whistleblower, whose recent video has everyone reevaluating their return policy strategies.

With over 906,000 views as of Friday, her revelation about Target’s surprisingly lenient return policy has sparked tremendous interest, proving that sometimes, the devil truly is in the details—or, more specifically, the fine print.

“TARGET RETURN POLICY…GET YOUR BAG!” screams the text overlay, as Kaitlyn dives into the nitty-gritty of what she describes as an underutilized shopper superpower while casually sitting in her car. She’s not just talking about the well-known one-year return policy on Cat and Jack brand items; she’s pulling back the curtain on every single Target-owned brand. From Goodfellow and Wild Fable to Threshold and Universal Thread, she lays out a veritable treasure map for smart and savvy shoppers everywhere.

“Every single Target-owned brand, it’s a one-year return policy,” she reveals, with the casual bombshell delivery of someone who’s about to become every Target employee’s most referenced ex-colleague.

But Kaitlyn’s not here to brag; she’s here to educate. She walks viewers through the process: download the Target app, always enter your phone number at checkout (for those all-important digital receipts), and you’re armed with the evidence needed to make your return, no matter how late in the game.

Bought a piece of Threshold decor that’s now clashing with your aesthetic? No problem. A year later and that Wild Fable jacket doesn’t spark joy anymore? Target’s got you covered.

“Literally download the Target app,” Kaitlyn advises, as if sharing a life hack that’s too good to keep secret. Because, as Kaitlyn explains, “Why are we defending big corporations?”

And while she’s dishing out the details on Target’s surprisingly lenient return policy, she’s also serving up a slice of reality about the retail world.

“For Target employees, this can be really annoying though,” she admits, acknowledging the flip side of the return policy coin.

Her plea for kindness towards employees adds a layer of humanity to the hack, reminding viewers that a little patience goes a long way.

“Just be nice to them,” she urges, a reminder that even in the pursuit of getting your bag, there’s no excuse for forgetting to prioritize human-to-human contact.

The reaction to Kaitlyn’s revelations has been as explosive as the secrets themselves.

“Yesss, spill all the Target secrets!” one comment cheered, capturing the collective enthusiasm of an audience suddenly awakened to their shopping potential.

Others chime in with their own success stories, with one writing, “Update: IT WORKED! I tried it today.”

“Omg I didn’t know this! I thought it was 1 month,” another wrote. It’s clear that Kaitlyn’s video is more than just a viral hit; it’s a catalyst for a shopping revolution.

@reddnea calling all impulse buyers 🗣️ #target #lifehacks #girlmath #targetrun #fyi #viralvideos ♬ original sound – Speedy sounds

But let’s zoom out for a moment. Target is not the only retail giant playing fast and loose with the return policy game. Nordstrom, IKEA, Zappos, and Bloomingdale’s each have their own version of consumer-friendly return policies.

It seems the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a trend towards flexibility and convenience, with retailers bending over backward to offer extended return windows, free returns, and even curbside drop-offs and at-home pickups. The pandemic accelerated humanity into a brave new world of retail, where the customer not only comes first but comes back, armed with knowledge and a smartphone.

So next time you’re about to toss that slightly-too-small sweater in the donation pile, remember Kaitlyn’s words: “Make sure it’s a Target-owned brand. Make sure it’s been within a year, like at least 364 days. Take it back, return it, be nice to the employee, get your money back.” After all, in the world of modern shopping, knowledge isn’t just power—it’s a refund. Get that bag, ya’ll. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kaitlyn via TikTok comment and Target via email. 

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*First Published: Feb 2, 2024, 4:00 pm CST