What is the 'Sussy Baka' meme?

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What is the ‘Sussy Baka’ meme?

While internet slang continues to evolve, 'Sussy Baka' remains a hallmark of creativity and playfulness in online communication.


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Posted on Jan 3, 2024   Updated on Jan 2, 2024, 3:28 pm CST

The “Sussy Baka” meme, a fusion of gaming slang and Japanese pejorative term, reflects the dynamic nature of linguistics on the internet. Combining “sussy,” a term derived from the popular game “Among Us,” and “baka,” which the Japanese word for fool, the meme has transcended its origins to become a viral sensation. Let’s take a look at the history of “Sussy Baka.”

Origin of ‘Sussy Baka’

The meme’s roots can be traced back to TikToker Akeam Francis (@akeamfrancis), who popularized the phrase, “You’re such a sussy baka” in his videos. The earliest known instance of this catchphrase emerged on March 9, 2021, when another TikTok user, @nyatsumii, posted a now-deleted clip from one of Francis’ live streams. In the video, Francis, referencing the anime “My Hero Academia,” emphatically yells at the character Deku for being a “baka.” The post garnered significant attention with over 1.7 million views.

@akeamfrancis.com #mha #baka #akeamfrancis #smilegang1 ♬ original sound – Akeamfrancis.com

Rise to popularity

The phrase swiftly caught on, inspiring many other TikTok videos and original sounds. On March 15, Francis uploaded another post in which he used the phrase “sussy baka,” further fueling the meme’s popularity. The phrase soon became synonymous with acting suspicious or foolish, and was often used in playful or ironic contexts.

Spread across social media

The “Sussy Baka” meme moved rapidly through various platforms. Instagram saw a flurry of image macros and humorous posts using the phrase, with users @scar.nyb and @a11iens contributing to its early spread.

YouTube voiceover artist Gianni Matragrano and TikToker @miaormoa also added to its popularity, with the former posting a video saying the phrase in a British accent and the latter posting a parody of the Princess Chelsea song “The Cigarette Duet,” with the lyrics, “It’s just a sussy baka, and it cannot be that bad.”

@michaelsoepic You’re such a silly baka 😜 #fypシ #trends #funnyvideos

Celebrity endorsement of ‘Sussy Baka’

The meme’s popularity reached new heights when “Breaking Bad” actor Dean Norris delivered the line in a Cameo video, which quickly went viral. This moment marked the phrase’s crossover from internet slang to mainstream media, illustrating its broad appeal.

The ‘Among Us’ and anime influence

The “Sussy Baka” meme owes much of its charm to its combination of “Among Us” gaming culture and anime fandom. The term “sus,” shorthand for suspicious in “Among Us,” coupled with the word “baka,” a common insult in anime, creates a playful and culturally rich meme. This fusion exemplifies the internet’s ability to combine diverse elements into a coherent, humorous concept.

@akeamfrancis.com Reply to @frogskarl #HerStory #smilegang1 #akeamfrancis ♬ original sound – Akeamfrancis.com

The meme is a testament to Gen Z’s ingenuity in crafting new phrases and meanings, and it reflects how young internet users repurpose language to create novel forms of expression.

The lasting appeal of ‘Sussy Baka’

The “Sussy Baka” meme captures how digital platforms can serve as breeding grounds for new linguistic trends that resonate with a wide range of audiences. And while internet slang continues to evolve, “Sussy Baka” remains a hallmark of creativity and playfulness in online communication.

The meme demonstrates the power of internet memes to transcend their origins and become a part of the broader cultural lexicon. Its journey from a TikTok video to a widely recognized phrase encapsulates the fluid nature of language and its impact on online communication. As the digital world evolves, the “Sussy Baka” meme will likely remain a memorable and amusing example of internet culture.

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*First Published: Jan 3, 2024, 5:00 am CST