Starbucks customer complains that she has to butter her own bagel

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‘They don’t make enough money to put on your condiments’: Viewers criticize Starbucks customer for complaining that she has to butter her own bagel

‘They don’t have time to spread butter and why should they?’


Stacy Fernandez


People online are defending Starbucks employees after a customer complained that her bagel from the coffee chain didn’t come buttered.

A TikTok video from creator Bianca Magana, posted on the @foodingwithbianca account, shows her picking up her bagel order from a local Starbucks. She gives viewers a peek into her Starbucks bag, which contains an everything bagel cut in the middle, a wooden knife, and three miniature cups of butter.

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“I will never understand why Starbucks makes you butter your own bagel,” Bianca said. “Come on Starbs, you can do better!”

The video is among the most popular on Bianca’s page, with over 14,000 views and nearly two dozen comments. Bianca is a self-described foodie, and her page is full of her documenting meals and snacks.

“I know you guys agree with me right?!” Bianca captioned the video.

Commenters, as matters developed, did not agree with her.

“Better than complaining they didn’t do it right, or if it doesn’t have enough butter or too less,” one observed. “So it’s best to do it the way u want it!”

“It would take too long and we get way too many food orders,” someone else opined.

“They don’t have time to spread butter and why should they?” another grumped. “They don’t make enough money to put on your condiments.”

Bianca took the criticism and feedback in stride, never getting defensive in her comments.

She said that the commenters’ perspectives were a good way to look at the situation and added that she’s never worked at a Starbucks so she doesn’t have first-hand experience with their process.

Another commenter claimed that Starbucks doesn’t have a license to handle food “so everything’s done with tongs.”

“Can’t physically touch anything. Would you like your butter spread w/ tongs?”

“Thanks for clarifying, I had no clue about that… no need for the sass though I survived spreading my own butter haha,” Bianca replied.

The Daily Dot reached out to Bianca via TikTok comment and to Starbucks via email.

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