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Maybe “Hackers are here. Where are you?” isn’t the best slogan.

The self-proclaimed “creator of world renowned Certified Ethical Hacker program” has been hacked, possibly ethically.

The E-Commerce Consultants International Council, often referred to as simply the EC-Council, recently made headlines for having previously certified Edward Snowden, who went on to leak scores of classified National Security Agency documents.

So it was appropriate that the hacker, who used the name “Eugene Belford” (that slimy guy from from the movie Hackers), defaced the site with what was apparently Snowden’s old passport, used for identification when he originally applied for certification. (Assuming it’s real, that passport isn’t functional right now: The U.S. suspended Snowden’s passport when it charged him with violating the Espionage Act in June, and Russia issued him a temporary one when it gave him asylum.)

“It seems like lots of you are missing the point here, I’m sitting on thousands of passports,” Belford wrote.

EC-Council’s site is currently unavailable. However, both a recently cached version of its site and its Facebook page show its current slogan to be extremely unfortunate:

“Hackers are here. Where are you?”

Illustration by Jason Reed

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