cart full of top soil bags (l) person speaking in car with caption 'Come shipt shop 3 carts full with me' (c) bags of mulch stacked in car trunk (r)

@deliverygirlash/TikTok by Caterina Cox

‘If I don’t get a tip…’: Shipt shopper asked to pick up 10 bags of mulch, 4 bags of Miracle Grow, 6 bags of topsoil

‘I don’t even get paid $17 to do this and she has 70 items to get.’


Vladimir Supica


The rise of on-demand delivery services has transformed the way we shop for groceries and household items. And with the convenience of having everything delivered to our doorsteps, there are millions of workers across the globe who work tirelessly to fulfill our orders. However, a recent viral TikTok has shed light on the physical and emotional toll that this kind of work can take.

The video, posted this week by Ash (@deliverygirlash), a Shipt Shopper, has since garnered 718,900 views. In the clip, the worker shared her frustration with a large order placed by a customer that included 10 bags of mulch, 4 bags of potting mix, and 6 bags of 40-pound topsoil, among other items.

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“First of all, how am I going to fit that in my car? Second of all, what the actual heck? I don’t even get paid $17 to do this and she has 70 items to get. So what, this is gonna be like three carts. And if I don’t get a tip, I’ll lose my mind’,” she said in the video.

Ash documented her effort as she picked up all of the heavy items the customer ordered, and as she found herself struggling to fit them all into her car.

“I somehow fit all into my back trunk. My arms are broken. My car is a mess. I’m a mess,” she said. “My pants and legs are covered in frigging dirt, my shirt is covered in dirt.”

In the comment section, many commenters expressed shock and disbelief at the customer’s extensive list, with one user writing, “Girl I could literally never accept that order.” Another commenter suggested that Ash should have canceled the order, stating, “I would have canceled that batch so fast.”

Some commenters criticized Ash for taking on the order in the first place, with one person writing, “I mean you made the decision to take her order.”

“I would NOT have done that, some things I’ve learned is if the tip isn’t on the app I decline the order,” another remarked.

However, in a follow-up TikTok, Ash revealed that the lady who made the order ended up tipping $40, “which made it all worth it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ash via TikTok comment and to Shipt via email.

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