the right way to brew coffee with Nespresso

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‘Or just put the ice last’: Viewers torn over the right way to brew coffee with Nespresso. Have you been doing it wrong?

‘Brewing over ice is wild.’


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Popularized by their ability to surpass ordinary Keurigs and brew delicious lattes and other espresso-based drinks right in your kitchen, Nespresso machines have been a TikTok favorite for years. But a recent viral video posted to the site begs an important question: What is the “right” way to use it?

A method shared by beauty and lifestyle TikToker Ana Gaby suggests holding a metal spoon directly beneath the espresso stream as it pours into your cup. 

“The metal absorbs the heat and doesn’t water down the ice,” Gaby explained in the text overlay of the video, which has been viewed 1.8 million times since it was first posted on May 22. 

Nespresso machines ranging from $150 to upwards of $200 can be purchased from Amazon or the company’s website. Coffee pods and other Nespresso accessories like milk frothers can also be found on either site. 

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What is the ‘right’ way to brew Nespresso?

The TikTok’s comments section was flooded with other suggestions for the perfect Nespresso coffee, from pouring milk over ice and letting it chill before brewing to cooling the espresso with milk before stirring in ice. Many viewers were shocked to watch Gaby brew over ice at all, however.

Some viewers got creative with their suggestions, such as freezing the coffee cup before brewing and making ice cubes out of espresso to avoid a watered-down taste.

“We always did ⅔ ice, milk til it floats, then espresso on it,” a former barista weighed in. When asked why ice wasn’t added in last, they explained that starting with ice ensured that each cup of coffee contained the same amount.

Another former barista suggested adding ice last to avoid a “burnt” and “bitter” tasting espresso.

Gaby filmed herself trying a couple of suggestions from viewers, including preparing a coffee by first leaving milk on ice before adding the espresso. She stated in the video’s caption that “this has been my favorite” method. Brewing the espresso, adding milk, and then stirring ice through the mixture in another video yielded equally delicious results. 

@anagabyygarza Replying to @hellvacant espresso, milk, then ice does work better #coffee #coffeetiktok #coffeetok #coffeeaddict #coffeetime #coffeelover #coffeetalk #nespresso #nespressotalents #nespressovertuo #nespressopartner #espresso #espressomachine #icedlatte #icedcoffee @Nespresso @Oatly ♬ original sound – ana gaby

The videos prompted even more suggestions, like catching the espresso in a separate cup and adding it to milk before pouring over ice. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Gaby via email.

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