After claiming that Reddit users were at fault for her brother’s suicide, redditor sisterofblackvisions returned to the social news site to taunt users once more. 

Reddit might have been duped. But at least it didn’t convince anyone to commit suicide.

sisterofblackvisions, the redditor who wrote on Thursday that her brother killed himself after redditors egged him on and claimed she was taking legal action, has returned to the site to taunt other users.

Black_Visions is a real Reddit account that stopped posting a month ago. The user said he’d long ago thought about suicide, and other users told him it was a good idea. It’s unclear who, if anyone, was serious with the comments.

In response, someone registered the account sisterofblackvisions, found a real apparent suicide near Seattle, and claimed that man was her brother, the real Black_Visions.

Several media outlets reported sisterofblackvisions’s account as true, since she seemed to have verified the claim by finding a real suicide. However, the Seattle Police Department told the Daily Dot that none of her details checked out, and that she was almost certainly a hoax.

Since then, sisterofblackvisions hasn’t really said anything of substance—but it’s crystal clear the account exists to get people riled up.

On Sunday, the account tried to start a thread called “IAMA ‘Sisterofblackvisons’ (SoBV) aka Malcolm-Jamal Warner aka Fucko the Retarded Seal AMA.”

Only one person responded, saying “You are a very troubled person. Seek help.”

“Can you phrase that in the form of a question Alex Trabeck?” sisterofblackvisions replied.

“She” also started another thread with a more straightforward admission, writing: “I am the mensrights sister of black visions troll” in the title. That thread netted 176 comments, but sisterofblackvisions never wrote in it.

sisterofblackvisions has only posted one other time. In a discussion of “What is rape culture” in the men’s rights subreddit, the account wrote “Rape Culture starts in my basement.”

The user has since been banned from the subreddit and has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

Photo by Todd Huffman

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