Reddit thread inadvertently raises $7,500 for Electronic Frontier Foundation


What started as a simple post on the social news site quickly turned into a successful fundraising drive. 

Reddit users are hungry to fight for Internet rights.

A single thread in r/politics turned into an impromptu fundraising effort Sunday and Monday, gathering more than $7,500 for digital rights activist group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

It started when Hectorial, apparently unaware of Reddit’s own Free Internet Activism subreddit, posted a question: “Why don’t we form an Internet Freedom Association like the NRA has for firearms?”

Others readily agreed with such a need. “Where do I sign? Shit ill even give twenty bucks a year on it,” answered AjazzierHoBo.

A number of redditors responded that several such organizations already exist, including, the American Civil Liberties Union and, most popularly, the EFF.

“Donated,” wrote GWConnoisseur, adding a screengrab of a receipt for a $100 donation. Under the field marked “Why I’m Contributing,” GWConnoisseur had written “Because online privacy should be acknowledged as a fucking right!”

It almost became a game of one-upmanship. “I just donated $25,” wrote levantingtunesmith, only to be answered by thegregling: “I just donated $26.”

In total, the EFF reported that single thread was responsible for more than 200 donations to the organization, totalling over $7,500.

Redditors have repeatedly struggled to find a meaningful way to stand up for Internet rights after leading a monumental protest in January that helped halt the Stop Online Piracy Act. Many have tried shore a similar campaign against the Cyber Intelligence Security Protection Act but have been hampered by relative disinterest.

“An astute redditor commented that the Electronic Frontier Foundation fights privacy threats like CISPA,” EFF said in a statement thanking redditors for their support.

Clearly, these redditors are particularly generous. The EFF’s cheapest non-student membership dues are $65. The NRA, meanwhile, offers a flat annual membership for just $35.

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