Could it be the seed for The Hangover III: Trouble Down Under?

Three British men starred in their own version of The Hangover, but are facing criminal charges for their drunken exploits.

The trio broke into a Sea World in Australia while drunk, dove in to swim with dolphins, and stole a penguin. Their case hinges on Facebook posts and a video, which shows the Welshmen carrying out their dastardly deeds.

The men provided 7News with the video of their deeds in a bid to prove their hijinks had not been malicious. One of the men, Rhys Jones, told 7News, “We are, all three of us, sorry.”

The 7-year-old penguin, Dirk, had never before been out of his enclosure, Reuters reports.

The next morning, when the men awoke, they discovered the penguin in the Queensland apartment they were staying at and panicked.

Doing what perhaps anyone with common sense might, they released the creature into an estuary rather than calling animal control. However, that plan backfired as the body of water is infested with sharks.

Locals saw Dirk fleeing the water after possibly being chased by a shark, only to be driven back into the the canal by a dog. Eventually, Sea World staff rescued the bird. Dirk was reunited with his mate, Peaches, and was distressed, but otherwise unhurt.

Police tracked down the men after one of them bragged about the penguin theft on Facebook. The trio will appear in court next month and face charges of trespassing, theft, and unlawfully keeping a protected animal.

Though their court date may have them in a flap, perhaps there’s a movie deal waiting in the wings for these guys.

Photo via YouTube

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