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‘9 times out of 10 these are people that don’t tip’: Nightclub bartender shares icks customers give her

'When they ask you for extra liquor. so annoying!'


Eric Webb


Posted on Aug 23, 2023

That sound you just heard? It was the collective screams of recognition from bartenders watching a viral TikTok.

Creator Jackie (@jacquelinee.rose) recently posted a video titled, “My icks as a Nightclub Bartender,” and it’s resonated with viewers. The video has more than 16,000 views

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In the video, Jackie sits in her car and runs through some of the customer behavior that really annoy her.

“My No. 1 ick is when a guy brings a girl over to the bar. He orders the drinks. He goes, ‘We’ll take two vodka sodas,’ ordering for her. I make the drinks, I walk them over to him. You would assume that the man is going to pay. He just brought this girl over, they don’t know each other. And when I look at him for payment, he looks over to the girl,” she said. 

Then, the man in this scenario might say he forgot his wallet or his cash, Jackie says, and the woman is unexpectedly left with the tab. 

“These girls could get free drinks from 99% of the people in the room, and she just happened to pick the one idiot that just finessed her into buying him a drink,” the creator said. 

Jackie’s second ick is when customers—usually men—come up and tap their credit card on the bar. “Bonus points if it’s one of those thick, metal American Expresses that really, really makes the noise,” she explained.

Her third ick is people asking for more liquor in their drink after they’ve already watched her make and serve it—and declining to pay for an extra shot. “And nine times out of 10, these are the people who don’t tip,” she says.

Jackie’s fourth ick: people who spill their own drink and then expect the bartender to give them another for free. If you expect something for free, she explains, you’re going to get nothing for free.

One commenter wrote about the less-than-chivalrous first ick: “I would pay and happily take both drinks.”

“Or when they watch you [pour] the drink and when you’re handing it to them they ask if you put liquor in it?????” another commenter wrote. Jackie replied, “Every time. Like I know you just watched.”

“How about opening and closing the tab on every round?” a comment read.

“I sometimes tap my card…to the beat of the music… hahah patiently waiting,” a viewer chimed in, and Jackie replied, “We can alwaysssss tell the difference lol, trust me.”

“The tap makes me wanna fight,” another person commented.

“When they ask you for extra liquor … so annoying!” a comment read.

Jackie’s video was so popular that she’s already posted not just one follow-up edition of her icks, but two.

In an interview via Instagram direct message, Jackie told the Daily Dot, “I think the content resonates because these are the similar experiences that most bartenders witness throughout the night. And most customers know bar/nightclub etiquette so they don’t do these little ‘icks’ and laugh when they witness other patrons doing these things.”

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*First Published: Aug 23, 2023, 12:48 am CDT