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‘Bc who they playing with’: Mom sneaks McDonald’s nuggets into child’s school

‘We’re not even allowed to bring food.’


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A parent is going viral on TikTok after finding a way around her daughter’s school’s rule against bringing in takeout meals.

In the video, JB (@onlyonejb0) shows her clever but simple workaround. Viewers can see that she has a McDonald’s happy meal box, a few resealable plastic baggies, and an empty to-go sauce container sitting on her passenger-side seat.

She proceeds to transfer the contents of the happy meal into the plastic containers, first dumping out a Sweet n’ Sour sauce into the sauce container and then putting the chicken nuggets and fries in separate baggies.

She’s seen walking up to her daughter’s middle school and then waiting at the office area until her daughter walks in to grab a yellow bag with the re-packaged McDonald’s meal in it and what seems to be a blue Gatorade.

“Bc who they playing with,” JB says in the caption.

The video has close to a million views and hundreds of comments.

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A Tennesse paper reported on a similar rule at a local school back in 2017. The school’s principal gave two reasons for the outside food ban.

“The first and most important reason is a noncompetition regulation from the USDA, which protects school cafeterias from the competition of outside establishments,” the principal explained.

He added that it is difficult to manage food and drinks being delivered or dropped off at the school.

Several commenters shared their own stories related to the outside food rule.

“I had to eat alone one time because I had ‘outside food,’” a person said.

“I had to eat in the office because they wouldn’t let me take my McDonald’s in the lunch room,” another commented.

“My mom brought me CFA for my birthday one year and they wouldn’t let me have it so she checked me out for the rest of the day lmfao,” a commenter wrote.

Others shared that their school has gone so far as not to permit any outside food, including home-prepared meals.

“We’re not even allowed to bring food they just make [them] eat cafeteria food,” a person shared.

Several people shared that the reasoning their school gave them for the rule was that they didn’t want other kids to see the fast food and feel jealous.

The Daily Dot reached out to JB via TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via email.

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