Woman discovers mold hidden in her Stanley cup after developing cough


‘STAY SAFE OUT THERE’: Woman discovers mold hidden in her Stanley cup after developing cough

‘There is not a water bottle in the world that won’t grow mold IF YOU DONT CLEAN IT!!!!!’


Maya Wray


Posted on Oct 9, 2023

It’s something we’re all guilty of—refusing to clean our emotional support water bottles as well as we probably should. However, a TikToker is warning viewers in a viral video to thoroughly clean their Stanley cups after she allegedly found mold growing inside hers. 

“Reminder to deep clean under the top rubber part,” user Ava (@notavaalfaro) captioned her Oct. 6 video, which has been viewed 2.7 million times as of Monday. She revealed that, after weeks of suffering a “clogged throat and cough,” she located the mold underneath her Stanley’s lid flap, which she did not know she could remove.

Other Stanley cup users immediately shared their cleaning strategies. “I clean mine everyday and take apart the lid and soak it every night, it hasn’t molded for me yet,” one shared.

“When the water starts tasting weird i know it’s time to clean it,” another viewer said.


reminder to deep clean under the top rubber part 🙏🏼

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User @cheesmith8 provided their own step-by-step cleaning process in the comments. They suggested washing and drying the cup by hand, then wrapping a thin towel around a straw cleaner in order to clean the straw and other “various holes.” 

“Anything with a lid, top, or straw (these and other thermoses, sippy cups, baby bottles, etc) should be hand dried completely before put away,” @cheesmith8 wrote.

Mold isn’t the only issue Stanley cup owners face. In another recent viral video, a woman appeared to discover lead in a cup she had purchased for her three-year-old son after she tested it herself with a kit.

“I was thinking I was choosing a healthier option for my sons water bottle and I’m realizing I have exposed him to lead every day,” user Mils (@m1l522) captioned her video. “Stop using Stanley and get your bottles tested.”

Mold and bacterial growth in water bottles happen due to the unsterile environment inside the container, leading to congestion, headaches, and nausea. People who put sugary drinks or other artificial sweeteners inside their water bottles can also inadvertently accelerate the growth of nasty organisms responsible for these symptoms.

Stanley cup users aren’t the only ones plagued by easy mold growth, according to viewers. “I’ve had this but in my hydro flask, it’s NOT fun. Stay safe yall,” one wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ava via email.

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*First Published: Oct 9, 2023, 3:09 pm CDT