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‘Wish me luck’: Customer shares Lululemon hack before pickleball tournament. It backfires

‘The fact that you kept the tags means that you’re a green flag’


Grace Fowler


A girl on TikTok is facing backlash after sharing a hack she used at LuluLemon to wear an item of clothing once and then return it. 

Kourtney (@kourtvera) is receiving hate comments saying she is taking advantage of the store and her boyfriend, as he payed for the clothes. She has reached over 2.6 million views on her video as of Tuesday afternoon.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kourtney via the TikTok comment section and LuLuLemon via email. 

@kourtvera Wish me luck #lululemon ♬ original sound – Kourtney ☺︎

Kourtney says her boyfriend lent her his credit card to pick out a tank top for her pickleball tournament that night. 

“I got it,” she showed viewers. “But I also got this jacket,” she added, spotlighting a black fitted jacket.

She kept the tags on the jacket because she thought she may take it back. “But, I’m gonna enjoy it for the afternoon,” she says.

Some viewers say that this is “disrespectful” and “taking advantage of his kindness.”

One comment says, “This is what give an inch and take a mile looks like. Break of trust too.” 

Another says, “Idk her situation but this isn’t something to flaunt about.”

One says, “I couldn’t do that without saying something.” Kourtney responds, “I tried to call him, he didn’t have service.” 

Kourtney then comments that she did tell her boyfriend once he was home and he let her keep the jacket. Supportive viewers left comments defending Kourtney saying, “at least you kept the tags on.” 

One viewer says, “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re disrespectful in a relationship they know nothing about.” 

Another says, “Why are people being so mean? If she really thought it was going to be an issue she wouldn’t have bought it.” 

A fellow LuluLemon shopper commented giving a tip to Kourtney and other viewers. “Pro tip, if the tags are cut off you can still return it if you have the tag with you.” 

However, the LuLuLemon return policy states that all returned merchandise must be unwashed and unworn with the original hang tags attached. Shoes can be worn but must be in the box. 

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