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‘Lied so boldly infront of 65K people’: Viewer says Kim Kardashian lied about Palestinian flag in livestream

‘She’s protecting her kid.’


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A TikToker says Kim Kardashian lied during a livestream when the celebrity told her daughter that Palestine’s flag was the Brazilian flag and added that commenters in the feed were talking about soccer.

TikTok user Tenille (@prettybully23) has previously been featured on the Daily Dot for a story she posted about an experience with a hostile Airbnb host. In her latest viral video video, which has amassed 1.4 million views as of this writing, the creator called out Kim for misleading her daughter in front of thousands of fans.

“Kim Kardashian just lied so boldly in front of 65k people on live haha,” the post’s caption read.

“Who else was just in Kim Kardashian’s live with North and everybody was commenting the Palestinian flag like over and over?” the creator asks, referring to a livestream with Kim and North on TikTok, which was recorded and reposted by fellow TikTok user Gay Man with a Spray Tan (@gaymanwithaspraytan).

Apparently, the repeated comments prompted North to ask which country the flag represented.

“Mom, what flag is that?” Tenille recalls North saying. “Why do they keep commenting it?”

The celebrity mom’s answer confused and outraged Tenille.

“Why did Kim say that it was the Brazilian flag and that everybody was commenting it because people were talking about soccer and then pulled the kid from the live? Who saw that?,” the TikToker exclaimed.


Kim kardiansian just lied so boldly infront of 65K people on live haha

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In the comments section, many were divided by Kim’s answer to North’s question. Some argued that she was a good parent for trying to protect her child from the situation unfolding in Israel and Palestine.

“Kim knew,” one user wrote. “She is protecting north so she doesn’t Google it! I feel like I get it!”

“She’s protecting her kid,” another wrote. “North is a child regardless of how famous she is.”

However, not everyone agreed that Kim should’ve lied.

“Why is everyone okay with lying to their kid???” asked someone. “You don’t have to lie. You let them know it’s a grown up conversation. Done.”

“It’s not ‘not protecting’ your kid when you inform them about world events it’s actually important,” another comment read.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tenille for further comment via Instagram direct message.

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