Graduate denied diploma over $15 laptop repair fee


‘I almost cried’: Graduate denied diploma over $15 laptop repair fee

‘I owed like 100 something I was devastated.’


Nina Hernandez


One newly-minted high school graduate recently went viral after sharing that she unexpectedly didn’t receive her diploma on graduation day due to an unpaid fee.

Ellie McCormick, posting on the TikTok account @estarssecretaccount96, posted a video from the aftermath of her graduation in May. The video has received more than 700,000 views and 150 comments since it was posted May 27.

“POV u didn’t get a diploma cuz u lost ur laptop bag freshman year,” the caption reads.

@estarssecretaccount96 Hot girls get a pink diploma anyway #grad #graduated #graduation2023 #graduation #greenscreenvideo #diploma ♬ original sound – #pumaa . 🖤

In her cap and gown, she shows the camera the inside of her diploma cover to reveal a pink slip.

The slip reads: “Your diploma has been pulled until you have paid your laptop repair fee. Please see the amount below.” The fee listed is $15.

“Hot girls get a pink diploma anyway,” McCormick writes in the caption.

McCormick isn’t the only TikToker to experience this issue on graduation day.

“I owed like 100 something I was devastated,” wrote user Shelby.

“Ours is $450 and they are these shizzy dell laptops. The charger is over $50 too,” wrote user Aya.

“Lmaooo I paid 68 dollars for losing my bag and charger,” wrote user Bella. “Literally a few hours before we walked the stage.”

“Me losing three books,” wrote user Fatima. “I still got mine thoo.”

“Ngl I feel like this gonna happen to me,” wrote another user. 

McCormick responded, advising caution. “Be careful cuz I almost cried,” she wrote.

“I owe 70 dollars,” wrote user Slat. “2 things from elementary and a broken laptop.”

“That pink do look good,” wrote user Adam Jeff. 

“Yeah I had to pay $25 before I could even get my cap and gown,” wrote another user.

The Daily Dot reached out to McCormick via TikTok for comment.

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