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‘Auctioning the tip is crazy’: Woman slams friends who don’t tip when eating out

‘I’ll leave a 0% tip take it or leave it.’


Jack Alban


In a hilarious TikTok skit, a creator delves into the often-debated topic of tipping when out to eat.

With over 500K views, the video — from creator Boo Boo (@booboothafoocloset) — showcases the age-old dilemma of dining out with that one friend who’s always reluctant to leave a decent tip. Boo Boo captioned the video “Happy Sunday #skit.”

The clip, overlaid with the text “Going Out with the Friend Who Doesn’t Tip,” shows Boo Boo pantomiming a conversation between two friends. As they discuss the bill, one suggests leaving a mere $2 on a $95 tab. The ensuing back-and-forth hilariously highlights the tension between the two, with one friend humorously calling out the other’s lack of math skills and reluctance to tip appropriately.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Boo Boo via email for further comment.

TikTok’s Two Cents on Tipping

Users comments became a hotbed of opinions, some weighing in on their tipping habits and sharing personal experiences.

“20% is the standard bestie be kind to your servers,” user @kevinnnkennedy advised, emphasizing the importance of recognizing service workers’ efforts.

Another user, @ilove.smellingsharpies, chimed in with their personal tipping strategy, “I tip a minimum of $5 and then if I [really] like my server I’ll give ‘em more.”

“Auctioning the tip is crazy,” user @iamabizzle_1 said, poking fun at Boo Boo’s video.

However, not everyone was on the generous tipping bandwagon.

Some users defended the modest tips, with one candidly admitting, “I’ll leave a 0% tip take it or leave it,” user Hazmas (@hazamas.hat) said.

The American Tipping Phenomenon 

While the debate raged on in the comments, it’s essential to note that tipping culture at restaurants is uniquely American. In many European countries and other parts of the world, tipping isn’t customary, as service charges are often included in the bill or wages are higher for service workers. In some places, leaving a tip might even be considered rude or unnecessary.

In the U.S., however, tipping has become an ingrained part of the dining experience, with many servers relying on tips to supplement their often meager base salaries.  The minimum cash wage for servers, according to Federal Law, is $2.13.  This cultural difference can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or judgments, especially when international travelers dine in the U.S. or when Americans travel abroad.

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To Tip or Not to Tip? 

While Boo Boo’s video was a lighthearted take on the tipping debate, it underscores a broader conversation about valuing service industry workers and understanding cultural norms. Whether you’re a generous tipper or more conservative with your gratuities, it’s always essential to be informed and considerate.

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