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The Italian page posted about the “dangers” of homosexuality and labeled gay people a “virus.”

An Italian Facebook page offering a Catholic guide on why gay fetuses should be aborted has been shuttered.

Titled “Abortire un gay è atto di fede,” which translates to “Aborting a gay is an act of faith”, the page appeared on Facebook for a week, dispersing homophobic and hateful comments. The page was established June 19 and reportedly told users: “Aborting a sodomite future is not a sin but it is the lesser evil. Aborting a future sodomite is a moral duty.”

The page posted supposed scientific studies about the “dangers” of homosexuality and allegedly created posts from would-be mothers about aborting their gay unborn children. It also called gay people “ill,” “a problem,” and a “virus.”

It garnered more than 2,000 comments, mostly negative, and caught flack from politicians and civil right activists. An influential Italian LGBT group, called Equality, alerted Facebook about the group and lambasted the page’s message.

“This is not only an homophobic page,” Equality’s Aurelio Mancuso said, according to Gay Star News. “There’s also misogyny and there’s an incitement to abortion. Abortion in Italy is legal, but its encouragement is illegal.”

Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities explicitly prohibits the posting of content that is considered hate speech, threatening, or incites violence.

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