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‘Someone at Domino’s is feeling you’: Customer says Domino’s keeps randomly delivering cheesy bread, medium pizzas

'I wish this would happen to me.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Apr 1, 2023

While the prospect of receiving free pizza delivered to your house might sound like a deal anyone would sign up for, one woman is freaked out by this dream scenario.

Nae Nae (@bewareofanna) says that she has received multiple Domino’s orders out of nowhere and that she has no idea who could be behind the fast food deliveries. She showed off her latest order on TikTok and debated with herself on camera as to whether or not she’s going to eat the food.

@bewareofanna Someone definitely keeps putting in the wrong address BUT WHY DOESN’T IT HAVE A RECEIPT #dominospizza #foodhaul ♬ original sound – Nae Nae

She begins the clip by standing in front of the order, and says: “I’m kind of scared to eat this because this is the second time this has happened but Domino’s pizza delivered at my door. Didn’t order it, asked the neighbors again, knock on the door, nobody answered, I’m like ‘Well, if they’re expecting a pizza they’d probably be home.’ And so again we’re gonna see what these people ordered.”

Nae Nae then begins opening up one of the containers that came in her mystery Domino’s order, “All right, box No. 1, they got the appetizer, cheesy bread, not only do we get the cheesy bread they hooked it up with the marinara.” She then places the cheesy bread to the side to reveal a pizza box: “Pizza, looks like a medium.” It’s at this point in the video where it appears something dawned on her: “This is definitely somebody else, like, before I open this I wanna say I would never just order a pizza for myself and then pretend that I’m like, like why is this person…”

Then, Nae Nae has another realization that makes her temporarily step back away from the food: “It doesn’t, whoa, it doesn’t have any receipts or anything.” She then collects herself and resolves to opening the pizza box in order to show her followers what’s inside, “Again, oh, OK, we’ll take a look at what the pizza is,” she opens the box that shows a medium cheese pizza with some kind of meat topping. “Sausage… like thin crust?”

She closes the box and then questions as to whether or not she should be eating the free food that showed up to her house out of nowhere, “Maybe I shouldn’t be eating the pizza?” But she quickly returned back on camera to provide an update on that thought: “Update: I will indeed be eating the Domino’s.”

Some TikTokers responded to the post, speculating as to why Nae Nae was receiving the mystery pizza orders: “If you’re renting, the previous tenant probably just forgot to change their delivery address”

If you’re reading this and wondering about the lack of a receipt, one commenter who said that they work as a delivery driver for Domino’s, and explained why there wouldn’t be a paper trail attached to the order: “As a dominos delivery driver, the receipt is usually just for us to know the address. I never leave the receipt unless they ask for it.”

Another person said that there’s a surefire way to ensure whether or not the food is safe to eat: “Here’s the pro move. call the dominoes, tell them what happened. they will confirm they delivered it (not poison) and tell you to keep it (guilt free).”

Someone else suggested to Nae Nae that she should get a doorbell camera. However, Nae Nae says she does and when she looks at the footage all she sees is a Domino’s worker dropping off the grub.

Another TikTok user said that they are used to getting a bunch of free food as they live in an apartment and are given other folks’ orders quite frequently: “this happens to me all the time. I live in a complex with 5 buildings, 60 apartments total. I get so much free food”

Some said that they were jealous of Nae Nae’s pizza luck, and that they “wish[ed] the same thing would happen to [them].”

But there was one TikToker who thought that Nae Nae had a secret admirer from the store: “Someone at dominos is feeling you.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Nae Nae via TikTok comment and Domino’s via email for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 1, 2023, 5:51 pm CDT